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Jackson Center High School Offers 12 Dual Enrollment Options & 2 AP Courses

Dual enrollment has had such a positive impact on my education.  I was able to transfer 21 credit hours, all taken in high school, to college.  This has helped cut down on costs and time.  I am very thankful that Jackson Center offered dual enrollment, and would hope that this kind of program is continued for other students at Jackson Center.  

                           Aaron Klofenstein, 2010 JCHS Graduate, Junior at Bowling Green State University


Taking dual enrollment classes in high school was a huge relief for me when I got to college; I entered as a sophomore.  All of the rest of my friends are completely bogged down with the max amount of classes, most of which ones I have already credit for.  Taking the basics in high school definitely helped me put me ahead of the rest and allowed me extra study time to focus more on the classes I need to do extremely well in for my major.

                          Malari Himmeger, 2010 JCHS Graduate, Junior at Campbell University, South Carolina 


Dual enrollment helped out tremendously with furthering my education before I even made it to college! With the dual enrollment credits that I earned while still in high school, I am a semester ahead of all the other freshmen at Wilmington College.  This means that I am already guaranteed to graduate in 3 1/2 years, and if I work hard, hopefully I can make the 3 1/2 years turn into 3 years.  College is not cheap, so getting ahead while you're still in high school is a very smart decision and will save you lots of money!  Take dual enrollment classes, you won't regret it!

                        Shelby Mann, 2011 JCHS Graduate, Sophomore at Wilmington College 


Having the availability of dual enrollment in high school was very special to me. I was able to complete and transfer 32 credit hours that Urbana State University offered to Bowling Green State University. Granted, some of the credits did not have an effect on my major, but they still counted as completed hours. I entered my first year of college as a sophomore and after my first year I will be considered a junior. With this being said, dual enrollment has saved me several thousand dollars and countless hours. I encourage all students to take as many dual enrollment courses as possible and hope this program continues for future students.

                  Troy Opperman, 2012 JCHS Graduate, Sophomore at Bowling Green State University 


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Get you tickets now for the Jackson Center Local Schools PTO ball drop that will take place after the boy's basketball game on Friday, February 6th. The prize is a pay out of up to $5,000. Tickets are $10.00 each and are being sold at the boy's and girl's basketball games. You may also get in touch with Tina Sailor or Tracey Ross to purchase tickets. The money raised during this fundraiser will be used to help upgrade technology in the classrooms at Jackson Center Schools. The Jackson Center Local Schools PTO thanks you for your support!


January 30

      11:15 am     Middle School Rewards Day

         6:30 pm     Boys Basketball @ Fairlawn

January 31

                             District Honors Band Practice

       12:30 pm     8th Grade Girls SCAL Basketball Tournament @ Anna 

         1:00 pm     Girls Basketball vs Covington

         3:30 pm     7th Grade Girls vs Fairlawn SCAL Basketball Tournament @ Fort Loramie

         6:30 pm     Boys Basketball @ New Bremen

February 2

        5:00 pm    Jr Hg Girls Basketball vs Fort Loramie 

         6:30 pm    College Credit Plus Mtg - Cafeteria 

February 3

          5:00 pm   Jr Hg Boys Basketball @ Fort Loramie

          6:00 pm   Girls Basketball vs Russia

February 5

         6:00 pm   Tiger Notes & Strokes Mtg @ Mrs. Noah's Rm 

February 6

          6:30 pm   Boys Basketball vs Russia

                           PTO Ball Drop following Russia Game 

February 7

          tba           Junior High Boys Basketball SCAL Tournament @ Houston 

          1:00 pm   Girls Basketball @ Anna

         6:00 pm    Boys Basketball @ Minster

February 9   Scholastic Book Fair Begins

         7:20 am    English Dept Mtg

        6:00 pm     Girl Scout Mtg - Cafeteria

February 10

         7:20 am     Math Dept Mtg

         6:00 pm     Boys Basketball vs Lehman

February 11

          7:20 am     Science Dept Mtg

February 12

          7:20 am     Social Studies Dept Mtg

         6:00 pm      Girls Basketball vs Fort Loramie

February 13  Scholastic Book Fair Ends

        12:30 pm     6th Grade Valentine Dance

          6:30 pm     Boys Basketball @ Anna

February 14

          1:00 pm     Girls Basketball vs Versailles (Senior Recognition)

         6:00 pm      Boys Basketball @ Lima Temple Christian

February 16  No School

February 17  Performance Based Testing - Language Arts & Math Begins

February 18  Performance Based Testing - Language Arts & Math

February 19  Performance Based Testing - Language Arts & Math

         6:30 pm       Middle School Musical

February 20   Performance Based Testing - Language Arts & Math

          6:30 pm      Boys Basketball vs Fort Loramie (Senior Recognition)

February 22

          2:00 pm      Middle School Musical

February 23    Performance Based Testing - Language Arts & Math

February 24    Performance Based Testing - Language Arts & Math

February 25    Performance Based Testing - Language Arts & Math

February 26    Performance Based Testing - Language Arts & Math

          4:00 pm        FCCLA Culminating Event @ Upper Valley Career Center

February 27    Performance Based Testing - Language Arts & Math

February 28

           8:00 am       FCCLA Regional Rally @ Miami Valley CTC 




























































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